Emotional abuse : Understanding and coping.

I really hope not, but if it ever happens that your relationship is damaging your self-esteem or making you feel small, as dramatic as it sounds, you are being emotionally abused. The signs of physical abuse are clear but emotional abuse is a grey area. There is no one common sign of emotional abuse and … Continue reading Emotional abuse : Understanding and coping.

Student suicide: HOW TO SAVE YOURSELF?

It’s a pity that hundreds of teens and young adults are facing one of the most frightening things that a person can face in his lifetime- suicidal thoughts. We all want to get good marks but when our marks become the sole parameter of our worth, our parents’ status in the society, the only thing … Continue reading Student suicide: HOW TO SAVE YOURSELF?

Parenting done better!

Parenting, huh? Can we truly understand the right technique of "parenting"? The term 'PARENTING' has an entirely different connotation for a child and a parent. Parents, at some point in their life, expect their children to realize the sacrifices and efforts put by them in raising their kids. Well, raising a child is a lifelong … Continue reading Parenting done better!