AA- Having fun without Alcohol

One thing half of the millennials agree is that a party remains incomplete without alcohol. While losing ourselves to the pleasures of the drink, we forget the harm we are doing to our body. What starts off as occasional drinking soon becomes a habit and gradually leads to addiction. While some resort to therapies to … Continue reading AA- Having fun without Alcohol

A little something about CBT…

Over the last few weeks, we have been sharing posts to familiarize people with mental illness. But what is more important is how to treat them. In our next series, we will be sharing very basic ideas about support and treatment to give a better picture. In this post, we specifically want to give an … Continue reading A little something about CBT…

How healthy is your sexual life?

Sex life is a topic that individuals hesitate to talk amongst themselves, however, it is still vital to express one's concerns or curiosities with others, in order to add more to their knowledge and build an understanding about the subject matter. Sexual appetite is a basic necessity present amongst all human beings and animals. However, … Continue reading How healthy is your sexual life?


Acute stress disorder is a result of a traumatic event in which the person experienced or witnessed an event that involved threatened or actual serious injury or death and responded with intense fear and helplessness. The severity of the disorder may be reduced if professional intervention is initiated soon after the trauma. In this post, … Continue reading A CASE OF ACUTE STRESS DISORDER

7 ways to achieve Work-Life Balance.

Do you enjoy every god sent hour of work? If yes, then you are lucky! However, most others feel trapped in the workplace and have nothing left in the name of social or personal life. With the advancements in technology, work creeps into our lives even when we are chilling at home. If you fall … Continue reading 7 ways to achieve Work-Life Balance.