Bullying- Let’s Unite and End it!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. This article talks about bullying, the effects on the person being bullied and some basic guidelines for dealing with such coercive behavior. Bullying is an unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. There are mainly 3 kinds of bullying: Physical bullying: hitting/kicking/pinching Social/ Relational bullying: … Continue reading Bullying- Let’s Unite and End it!

How to keep going…

Life never stops. At times, we have to literally be on our wheels, switching places due to reasons like matriculation, job transfers, availing better career opportunities or something else. Some places we really get adjusted into, however, fitting in is not a piece of cake every time. "Culture shock" (experience of a drastic shift from … Continue reading How to keep going…

Community Service: Every Society’s Need

Volunteerism has been considered as one of the most humble actions that can be taken for the human services. Human beings carry the utmost potential to be benevolent and offer a helping hand to the ones it needs. Community service is a voluntary work intended to help and benefit others. It may come as a … Continue reading Community Service: Every Society’s Need

The art of Reverse Psychology

Psychology fascinates a lot of us. However, are you familiar with the concept of reverse psychology? If not, here’s an example! I bet you have seen this joke somewhere before but what actually is reverse psychology? How does it really work? And more importantly, how often should you use it? Reverse psychology is the technique … Continue reading The art of Reverse Psychology