7 ways to achieve Work-Life Balance.

Do you enjoy every god sent hour of work? If yes, then you are lucky! However, most others feel trapped in the workplace and have nothing left in the name of social or personal life. With the advancements in technology, work creeps into our lives even when we are chilling at home. If you fall … Continue reading 7 ways to achieve Work-Life Balance.

7 ways to manage your anger

For adults like you and me, there is no shortage of events that trigger our anger. An annoying friend, an online stalker, the traffic, workload, fight with mom, a boyfriend who is always 10 minutes late- there is no end to this list! And we just want to scream and fight and ask them to … Continue reading 7 ways to manage your anger


When was the last time you went on a break, relaxed and experienced the magic of life? If it was not anytime soon, then you really need to hear this, pal. Well, even if you haven’t really experienced such a longing, this piece will surely help you to tide over the times you undergo the … Continue reading Relax.Restore.Refresh!

A peephole to teenage problems

When we come to think of adolescence, it is definitely not the easiest or most enjoyable time of one’s life. There is a whirlpool of emotions inside the person. It is an age that knows no right and wrong and an age that thinks ‘it knows it all’. Well, teenage is definitely not just about … Continue reading A peephole to teenage problems