The Shrink Speaks is a platform for mental health workers to connect, share information and experience, and work towards making psychology a stigma-free topic. Three of us started this website as an initiative to create awareness and now we are a growing team of aspiring psychologists who write for a cause.

MADHURIMA MUKHERJEE  Madhurima works as a Research Writer. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from Banaras Hindu University. She desires to make psychology a more commonplace topic and The Shrink Speaks is a baby step in that direction. On a personal note, she is a visual artist, gutless foodie, and an avid Instagrammer. You can reach her HERE .

SHEETAL MEHROTRA  Sheetal is a Research Scholar (Psychology) at an Indian University. Besides having worked as a ‘Counselor & Researcher’ at an established organization, she is an ardent traveler and carries an infinite love for art and writing. Blending her field of knowledge- ‘psychology’ and her passion for writing, she came up with “The Shrink Speaks” along with two of her friends. The aim is to aware people of the mental struggles prevalent in society and removing the stigma from the name of psychology, which most people fall for. This being her first initiative, she hopes to add value to her discipline and contribute in the best way possible.

KATHAKALI SINGHA  Following her aspiration to work for the betterment of the society she prompted to pursue psychology as her career and has successfully completed her post graduation from Banasthali Vidyapith. She describes herself to be an enthusiast in helping people and has chosen blog writing as her platform to share her knowledge and aware people about psychology. Along with being passionate about psychology she also shows her interests towards dancing, reading books and living life to the fullest.


PUJA ROY writes for The Shrink Speaks. She has done her Masters in Health Psychology from the University of Hyderabad. You can reach her HERE.

BIDISHA SAMANTA is a Master of Science in Applied Psychology, with specialization in Clinical and Forensic Psychology from the University of Calcutta.