How to keep going…

Life never stops. At times, we have to literally be on our wheels, switching places due to reasons like matriculation, job transfers, availing better career opportunities or something else. Some places we really get adjusted into, however, fitting in is not a piece of cake every time.


Culture shock” (experience of a drastic shift from one culture to another due to shifting to a new place) can be one reason why a person may not gel up quickly in a new place or might feel absolutely out of the place. It may be a matter of only time yet, people and situations may not turn out in favor of the person.

Irritation and hostility can be the byproducts of settling in a new place.

Some key factors can help a person achieve just that:

  • See the place by yourself– The more you walk around the place alone and explore, the more insight you will generate about the people, their conduct, the city in general and availability of your needs.
  • Spend time with the locals Knowing about the people who will be around all the time can help you maintain your conduct likely, in their presence and gel up. If you think, you are not able to change too much in your behavior, it is okay. Don’t push yourself too hard. Things will turn around with time.
  • Understand their culture– Not just people, sometimes being well adept with the backdrop of the place, its history, civilization, lifestyle, and environment, in general, will help you get the feel of the place. This will also help you to generate a connection with society and the people, supplement information while discussions with the locals and figure out the usual getaways, apart from work.
  • Add to the place– You can start with community service or participating in a charity/ donation drives or projects like “Make City Clean”, etc. There is always something around you, look for them. Let your immediate social group know about you & your existence.
  • Make it your comfort zone– Make it like your own. Set up your home with the things you like, say getting a furniture from home or setting up a library with your favorite collection of books. It is only YOU at the end of the day who has to take care of your emotional needs, hence don’t be mean to yourself.

               Do the stuff you like, get your items and make things started !!


Don’t let your emotions come in the way of gaining a new perspective. 

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