How healthy is your sexual life?

Sex life is a topic that individuals hesitate to talk amongst themselves, however, it is still vital to express one’s concerns or curiosities with others, in order to add more to their knowledge and build an understanding about the subject matter.


Sexual appetite is a basic necessity present amongst all human beings and animals. However, what differentiates us from the animals is, putting our thinking into all the endeavors. Be it physical pleasures, virtual pleasure or any other sort, human beings are capable to think out what is good for them and what is not, where do they have to set their limits and which areas are completely a no-no zone.

Apart from food and water, sexual appetite is the most fundamental need of a person and keeping a check on this need is important. Whether it is in a dearth of or is in excess, whether it is being even catered to properly and what impact is its current state making on your health are some of the important questions to ask oneself, especially from the age of the late teens.


To ensure your sexual health, the following checklist can be followed:

  1. It is all in the mind Your mind is the real pleasure zone. It has been seen that people experiencing low self-worth or lacking self-love are seen to lose interest in sexual pleasures. Satiety of bodily need is as important as mental satisfaction and care.
  2. Are you on medication lately? – Some drugs can alter with the chemicals in the body and thus lead to fluctuations in the bodily demands, be it the appetite, mood or even pleasures. It also vital to be aware and wary of the side effects, if your drug has any.
  3. Engaging in unfair means– If you have been experiencing any force or pressure or are in a BDSM relationship and not feeling comfortable with it, please introspect within time and share your thoughts with your partner as well.
  4. Timely medical checkups– If one is not ready to deal with unplanned pregnancy, or being at the risk of viruses (HIV & STIs), please put safety first. Use a contraceptive to ensure protection. Visit a good doctor in your locality and get a sexual health checkup done. Choose options that are convenient for you and make you feel comfortable.
  5. The BASICS– We often forget in today’s lifestyle, what can healthy food, good sleep, and regular exercise do to our body functions. Nutrition is essential for our body and helps us to give out our best in many situations. It can also help to fight several illnesses, such as erectile dysfunction. Similarly, giving up on smoking and maintaining a healthy weight add to one’s sexual wellbeing.
  6. Overall wellbeing in check– Even though sexual health is purely a body need but it affects to a large extent on the emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of an individual. Holistic wellbeing is equally important to consider. Only when all these components are in sync, can a person truly achieve sexual health.


It takes a lifetime to interweave healthy sexual characteristics into one’s endeavors and doing so is step by step process. Be cautious of any discomforts, take measures in time and remember to enjoy your experiences. With these three in hand, you are all good to go.

To Health and Happiness!   



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