7 ways to achieve Work-Life Balance.

Do you enjoy every god sent hour of work? If yes, then you are lucky! However, most others feel trapped in the workplace and have nothing left in the name of social or personal life. With the advancements in technology, work creeps into our lives even when we are chilling at home. If you fall in the latter group, here’s some advice on maintaining your work-life balance.

  1. Say NO ❌

Your work hours demand you to stay at work from 9 to 5. A lot can be done in 8 hours, a lot of deadlines can be met, a lot of projects be completed. But beyond that, the rest of the day is yours. No matter how difficult it sounds, you have got to say NO to your boss’ loopy demands. The first key to finding a balance in life is in assertive living. Read more about assertive living HERE.

  1. Leave work at work💻

Imagine this: You wrap up your work and get ready to leave office. You turn off your laptops, note down your pending tasks in a diary and just leave. It is a difficult thing to picture these days but that’s how it’s supposed to be, right? A closure is a big step in gaining work-life balance. You don’t chase after the train after the door has closed. Same applies to your workplace. The moment you leave it, acknowledge that you have left for the day and make peace with it.

  1. Let your phone rest 📵

Raise your hand if you think there should be a rule against after-hour work emails and calls. Incessant checking of emails after work hours leads to greater stress and lesser productivity. Stop making yourself available all the times. You don’t have to respond instantly to every mail dropped to you. As long as you are reliable to get the work done, no one actually bothers about the speed of your reply (except your better half! 😉).

  1. Work smarter 📝

Work success relies a lot on your priorities and goals. If you are as productive as possible during your work hours, there will be much less work when you go back home. The amount of work done is more important than the number of hours spent at work- a concept ignored by us millennials. A to-do list comes in handy where you can prioritize your activities and keep checking them off as you go. This makes work more organized and increases the feeling of accomplishment. Also, keep a check on the time spent on social media during office hours. Labeling it a mere break from work harms productivity in the long run by creating stress and distraction.

  1. Choose a healthy way to release after work🤸🏻‍♀

Your personal time should definitely include a healthy way to release stress. Take this time to switch off the screens, go for a walk or gym, or indulge in an activity you like.

  1. Separating professional and personal life 👫

This idea has remained since forever! However, sometimes it is hard to separate professional and personal life when our colleagues are our roommates or the only friends we have in the city. In that case, suggest not talking about work during non-office hours. Make sure your social media is not filled with job-related updates and have more content of your leisurely interests. This ensures your individuality while being a great performer at work. Keep in mind that the same rule applies to avoid personal tasks during work hours.

  1. Finding an overall balance ⚖

For those with little spare time, finding ways to get errands accomplished quickly is a big savior. Taking steps like ordering groceries online, making online transactions, etc. go a long way to save time so that you have more time with your family or yourself. Some other tips come in handy in having a more organized life in general.

  • Learn of ways to deal with procrastination. ⏱ Make your personal deadlines at least a day earlier than the original deadline and get things done. 
  • Be innovative with your work and leisure.💡
  • Manage your distractions. Social media use should be put in check. 📱
  • Be protective of your health to counteract stress at a physical level. 🍎

Life balance is a subjective concept. What works for one may not work for another. You may love spending time at work and that’s okay too. Most of these steps are easier said than done and you may find it very preachy, but there is no harm in trying at least. The goal is to find your best method and sticking to it. 😊

Got thoughts on this? 💬 Share in the comments and let’s start a conversation!

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