Rounding up the last few months ♥

It was about time we did a roundup of what The Shrink Speaks is and what we have been doing all these months. As of now, The Shrink Speaks is a baby website. With a follower count of 1K on the website and social media platforms, we are growing steadily. We are now a team of aspiring psychologists, but we hope to involve more people from the field of mental health in future.

With short, crisp articles we try to present our readers with information and tips about good mental health in a few minutes! Read them on your way to work or school and start your day with a little more knowledge on a healthy mind. We recommend a few articles for starters  🙂

Student Suicide                Relax, restore, refresh!           Mental disorders are not adjectives.

Is it cool to talk about mental health?                                      Inside a psychologist’s mind

We regularly update our GALLERY with images and illustrations explaining different disorders, myths concerning psychology, some solutions to real life problems and some words of wisdom!

We also have a tiny online STORE (which we will expand soon!) where you can find motivational posters at affordable rates. Our posters come with gumming sheets so you can just peel and stick and brighten up space instantly! 

Right now, every single success feels like a great achievement, one valuable comment boosts our courage ten times and every time someone opens up to us about their situation, it feels like a blessing! To have people slowly accept the reality of mental health is our number one goal. We have walked only a few steps in that direction and have a long way to go. We thank everyone who has supported us in making The Shrink Speaks a success with their comments, feedbacks, and purchases! And as we always say…


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