Continuing from where we left our discussion, in this article we focus on some of the strategies can be used in classrooms to impact the quality education to learning disabled children.

The primary responsibility of any teacher is to help each student to achieve their desired goal. In case of children who require special needs, it is teamwork of special educators, classroom teachers, and parents, which benefits the child. Learning disabilities may vary from mild to moderate to severe. The teaching methods similarly vary. There are some basic principles that need to be followed for classroom management of learning disabled children.

  • There is no single “right” method to use for students with learning difficulties. Individual problems should be acknowledged and alternate approaches must be tried for education.
  • Positive reconditioning should be implemented. The students with difficulties should be rewarded positively on completion of a task, and they should not be treated as failures.
  • High motivation is a prerequisite to success. Thus, not only the students, the educators should also be motivated in intervals for effective results.



Coupled with the basic principles of classroom management, behavior modification approaches should also be implemented. It involves procedures where educators specify the goals, establish ways to reach them and scaffold the students until the goal is achieved. Some behavior modification strategies for extremely distracted students are:

  • Assign activities with less potential distraction.
  • Change student’s seating arrangement from sources of distraction.
  • Limit the amount and type of material at student’s desk.
  • Move students to another classroom.

This is just a preliminary concept on the whole as to how students with learning difficulties can be dealt with in classroom situations. Let us join hands to help such students instead of labeling them as incapable and worthless.


Stay tuned for our upcoming posts !!

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