Learning Disability

Learning disability” is a term that most people try to avoid in their lives, especially parents whose children get diagnosed with it. What is so scary about this term? LD refers to learning problems that are unexpected in a seemingly capable child.

The factors of learning disabilities can be divided into three different categories:-

  • Developmental Speech and Language Disability :

Learning problems under this category are caused mainly due to a child’s problem in vision and auditory processing.

  • Academic Skill Disorder :

In this category, disabilities are specially related to problems in the academic skills.

Some of the common learning disabilities in this category are:

Dyslexia               Dysgraphia              Dyscalculia            Dyspraxia

  • Non-verbal learning Disorders : 

Many a time,  learning disabilities occur due to some other related problem, which makes learning difficult. Some of the problems are:

ADHD              Memory Disability             Autism

Learning disabilities are a generally tricky thing to identify as parents and teachers ignore the symptoms. They attribute the signs of LD to laziness, naughtiness and typical child behaviors. Different disabilities have different symptoms, however, the common signs of LD are:

  • Failure to concentrate.
  • Gets distracted.
  • Failure to understand what is written on board.
  • Often impulsive.
  • Hyperactive.
  • Poor handwriting, Messy work, Mistakes.
  • Poor motor coordination.


This is not an exclusive checklist of indicators but, few of the symptoms.

Be aware and seek help on behalf of children with LD for their better future.


Look out for the next post on Classroom Management for children with Learning Disabilities.



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