Student suicide: HOW TO SAVE YOURSELF?

It’s a pity that hundreds of teens and young adults are facing one of the most frightening things that a person can face in his lifetime- suicidal thoughts. We all want to get good marks but when our marks become the sole parameter of our worth, our parents’ status in the society, the only thing our entire future relies on, it becomes scary. The causes of suicide are complex but experts say that academic pressure can play a significant role.


Today, I am writing for students who are dealing with the unfortunate thoughts of ending their lives.

If you are dealing with an overwhelming surge of emotions and suicidal thoughts, seek help immediately. There is no shame in seeking help and trust me when I say this, there will be at least one person who will be forever grateful that you looked for help instead of going away forever. Asking for help is tough and verbalizing your agony, even tougher. You are literally asking someone to save your life and so, there are a bunch of things you should remember:

  • There is definitely another solution. You are probably depressed and cannot think properly but another person might see a solution. Negativity and despair often make us stop seeing the positive side.
  • You are not weak. We all go through difficult situations sometime in our lives and often we do not have the resources to handle the situation. Seeking help only proves that we are strong and willing to do anything to face challenges head-on and live better.
  • Make yourself your priority. You cannot solve a problem in a day. Buy yourself some time and work towards fixing it- do anything to get another perspective on that situation.
  • Stay close to people. Often when we are alone, our mind gets clouded with negative, self-defeating thoughts. Also, when we are amongst people, we cannot act upon our impulses. Do simple things that involve human interaction to keep the suicidal thoughts at bay.

Asking for help is difficult. How to go about it?

Do not think of your situation as a defeat or a burden. Instead of talking to your peers, pick a responsible adult. Be honest, be clear. Be blunt about your feelings. Keeping secrets just makes it worse.  They need to know exactly what you are going through to help you. Often times, immediate relief is felt just by venting.

If you are not sure about talking to a close one, seek professional help. If the suicidal thoughts are due to depression, know that it is curable. Visit the nearest clinic or simply dial the helpline and talk to an absolute stranger who is trained to take action the moment you need help. If you need someone to talk to right now, drop a message. We will be more than happy to help.



[Image courtesy: ColourBox, Minding the campus]


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