Parenting done better!

Parenting, huh? Can we truly understand the right technique of “parenting”? The term ‘PARENTING’ has an entirely different connotation for a child and a parent.

Parents, at some point in their life, expect their children to realize the sacrifices and efforts put by them in raising their kids. Well, raising a child is a lifelong commitment- definitely not an easy task- but also not something that cannot be thought about and done right.

ENOUGH is said about the parents’ view. We seldom talk about what children think about their parents- what are their expectations of the way parents treat them or deal with them.

Parenting is a tricky business. We are not here to take sides but to make you understand what happens when a child experiences the same feelings that a parent does for a child. A worm’s view may give us some insight into the right way.

NOTE – It is vital to understand here that, parenting should be treated as a subjective phenomenon; what works for one parent or one child may not work for the other. Various factors contribute to the making of what we know of parenting.



These are some of the common issues in the retrospect of parenting or parenting styles that are talked about but from children’s point of view.

Come to think of it, even a child can compare his/her parents with other parents because of the same reasons why parents do it in the first place. Hence, even though a child might respect his/her parents yet, can start doubting his love and respect towards them because of the issues mentioned above.


  • Can we truly build an environment for our kids where they are respected and establish a healthy balance between parents’ and children’s wishes?
  • Are the concepts of sitting and talking, having a healthy discussion, and exchanging thoughts and ideas without a quarrel fading away today?


PLEASE share your thoughts on this with us and help us become a platform for easy discussions.


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