When was the last time you went on a break, relaxed and experienced the magic of life? If it was not anytime soon, then you really need to hear this, pal.

Well, even if you haven’t really experienced such a longing, this piece will surely help you to tide over the times you undergo the phases of existential angst, midlife crisis or are just curious if there is more to life.

Here, we present the aptest solution to your life cravings and the aforementioned issues and help you live to the fullest.

  • Take a trip 

Traveling for pleasure has remained an increasingly popular activity amongst people of all ages. Taking trips on your vacations, for business or outdoor activities is very common however, when it comes to reliving your stress, it is vital you choose the right destination and set of activities during this time; something that lifts off your crisis, sorts your mind and give you a new direction, maybe ‘going on a solo trip’ or ‘giving up your fears through new adventures’.


  • Watersports –

There are tons of activities that can be pursued to push you a little more. Water sports like snorkeling, river rafting, kayaking, Scuba diving, and Surfing can be done with some or no experience, provided you have a mentor. There can be many such activities that you might have longed to engage in but, could never do. Hence, this is your time, don’t wait anymore, Splash some water!!!

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  • Mountaineering

Mountains can offer you a lot when it comes to exploring. It has largely been seen that people, especially the fitness enthusiasts prefer going for trekking and mountain climbing. It requires the least amount of tools and experience hence, making it feasible as well.


  • Camping

Now, who doesn’t like sitting under the stars, lying near a cozy tent, with bonfire warming you up, huh? Camping enables you to experience a whole new lifestyle that is set in the natural environment.


Normally, camping involves pitching the tent for the entire night, break the camp and ‘start hike again’ in the morning.  Camping can be considered as a mobile form of backpacking, in which bicycles and canoes.

  • Nature Therapy

Nature always wears the colors of spirit and allows all souls to delve deeper into themselves. Activities like Bird watching, Cycling, sunsets, sunrises, Horseback riding, caving, and hiking allow not just enjoyable but also enables fitness, enhances goal-directed skills and adds to the intrinsic nature values.

  • Get little artistic

Leisure time can be appropriately utilized by participating in a wide range of popular art and culture activities, such as singing, dancing, Craft and artwork, photography and film, pottery and ceramics, visiting museums and galleries and much more. For the art lovers, these are one of the most soothing pleasures to be availed. From writing poetry in parks to establishing a community of book lovers, aesthetic development will penetrate deep inside and refreshes mind and soul.

An artistic understanding goes a long way and adds a cultural and spiritual element to life.


  • Social affiliation

By “social”, we definitely do not mean the apps on your mobile. Why stay within yourself when you can have some fun with people out there too. Learning a new language, taking up a course with your friends or a new set of people, visit new markets, bookstores, know more about your city are some of the interesting things you can catch up with. This is a great resort for people who cannot afford to take trips or any expensive hobbies and adventure sports.

All you have to do is go out, mingle with people and add a bundle of joy to your monotonous life.


With rising population and urbanization, health impacts of this modern life have started concerning people, such as lack of exercise (obesity), mental health problems (stressors), lack of access to nature and potential benefits of outdoor activities.

Hence, recreational activities become imperative in this age, to provide a wholesome healthy direction to one’s life and motto.

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