A peephole to teenage problems

When we come to think of adolescence, it is definitely not the easiest or most enjoyable time of one’s life. There is a whirlpool of emotions inside the person. It is an age that knows no right and wrong and an age that thinks ‘it knows it all’.

Well, teenage is definitely not just about prom night and sparkles. Aptly portrayed in the popular series “Thirteen reasons why” and movies like, “It kind of a funny story”, a teenager has to adapt to various issues like hormonal changes, peer pressure, and societal expectations, but what stands out the most is the “emotional turmoil” experienced by them.

Let’s take a look at some of these comprehensively-

  1. Behavioral issues


2. Substance abuse

substance abuse.png

3. Academic stress


4. Social interactions


5. Cyber addiction


6. Immediate environment


7. Health Concerns


As has been rightly put by “Ambrose Bierce” in ‘The Devil’s Dictionary'(1911) –

“ADOLESCENCE is stage between infancy and adultery”

Hence, it should be carefully handled and understood. Behaviors at this stage are, though a passing phase but a lifelong teaching too.

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