LOVE me like you do

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m sure you have all your schedules fixed and can’t wait to celebrate your day. Why not make the day more special by taking an insight into what love actually means. Yes I know, love in its platonic form is all about giving and sharing without expecting and making sacrifices willingly for the happiness of the other person. Let’s be practical, love is a mutual feeling of trust and attraction and limiting it down to only a painful experience is a mere injustice. Love is the best form of human emotion celebration when dealt in the right way. Upon browsing the internet we get access to hundreds of simple solutions about what to do and what not to do in love, but have we ever wondered about the theoretical aspect of love? I guess not many of us are even aware that a love theory do exists!!! Let’s take a look at it

The theory given by Sternberg divided three main components of love as intimacy (closeness and strength of the bond) passion (physical attraction) and commitment (decision to maintain the relationship on a permanent basis).


However, the interesting fact is that based on these components love can be divided into 7 different kinds.

  1. LIKING– It comprises of intimacy alone. A friendship without passion and long-term commitment. It’s a feeling that you would want from your colleagues.liking
  2. ROMANTIC LOVE– Love consisting of passion and intimacy but no commitment. This definition just changed the idea of romance for most of us, didn’t it?


3. INFATUATION– Consisting of passion alone without the deep emotions or any sort of commitment. Crush anyone?when-my-crush-likes-my-picture-148404634. FATUOUS LOVE– Comprising of passion and commitment without intimacy. Suffering from a heartbreak? Now you know why… without intimacy, it’s tough to carry forward a relationship.sad_love-heartbreak

5. EMPTY LOVE– Commitment alone. I am sure none of us wants to experience such love without any emotional content.


6. COMPANIONATE LOVE– Intimacy and commitment coupled together without passion. BFF’s are thus so cool.


7.CONSUMMATE LOVE– the ultimate actual true love consisting of all the three components making it the purest form.



From now on anyone questions you about love, I’m sure you are ready with your answers. Wondering about how to maintain relationships after finding love? Just refer to our previous posts and you are good to go!! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!





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