Inside a Psychologist’s Mind

It has been 8 years since I have been studying psychology and I wish to share my experience.

Psychology comes with various stereotypes– the electro-convulsive therapies, the horror-filmesque asylums, the Freudian couch, etc.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Psychology is a legitimate science. Researchers within the field follow the scientific method to test specific hypotheses. Also, psychologists use evidence-based approaches to diagnose and treat patients.

Psychology has the reputation of being easy when compared to most degrees, but it’s just a myth! For example, one has to be constantly updated with the scientific journals.

All psychologists don’t do the same thing; their jobs vary based on specialization. They can work in schools, private industry, hospitals, social welfare organizations, rehabilitation centers, prisons, child/youth guidance centers, or consumer behavior.

People are also confused between psychiatry and counseling. Psychiatry is the study of mental disorders and their diagnosis, management, and prevention. Counselors provide advice and help in a short-term goal setting therapy.

It’s important to challenge these myths because their existence can contribute to stigma, stereotypes, and inaccurate formulation of public policies in areas like education.

Yet, there are so many joys of studying psychology! The world is made up of billions of people with the power to make or break society, thus, the most important topic area you could ever study is these people. When someone asks me what Psychology is, I tell them it is the science of the most complex machine on this planet, the Human Mind.

Psychology gives us the ability to tap into our brains and understand why we make certain decisions, what causes us to conform, how we differ from one another etc. We learn that a single event can be usefully conceptualized in several alternative ways, and there may be multiple psychological origins for a given problem.

I have learned to be empathetic, have an unconditional positive regard and remain non-judgmental towards people.Even after years of studying the subject, my love for this hasn’t ended and I don’t think it ever will.


AUTHOR BIO: Puja Roy writes for The Shrink Speaks. She has done her Masters in Health Psychology from the University of Hyderabad. You can reach her HERE.

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