Year at a glance – 2017

On the New Year’s Eve, we recapitulate the major highlights of 2017. We had our highs and lows, and psychology was in news throughout the year!

These highlights point out the extent to which man can reach, towards either of the poles, negative and positive.

We hope that these glimpses will fill in some insight, as to how can we guide our way into 2018 and make it merrier and healthier.


Man, if left unleashed onto his thoughts, can go wild. Hence, it becomes vital to comprehend that we continuously introspect ourselves and our environment, and focus on human betterment rather than its destruction.

There’s plenty more we want to talk about and we also like to know what do YOU think about these events. If you have a similar story or event to share with us, PLEASE comment below.

Here’s to a healthy 2018! 


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