Overcome Grouping

It is quite likely that at some point in our life, we may feel not being included in a specific social circle anymore or using phrases like, “They don’t call me anymore” or “they resent hanging out with me” or “I don’t feel like I belong with them now…”

Struggling emotionally and mentally with situations like these can make one undergo loneliness and “I don’t belong anywhere” attitude, which is common. It is vital to keep in mind that “A patient must never lose patience”. Hence, to keep a balanced mental and emotional state, a few steps towards getting out of this pit are essential-


  • It is essential to acknowledge that not being wanted by a group of people or being avoided by them doesn’t always make you have qualities that repel people. In situations like these, two things can be fruitful confrontation or just going with the flow and seek another unit to fit into. The former will, though, help you to introspect your personality better and may lead to a more lasting and understanding connection with people.
  • If you have been going through such fallouts a lot lately or with more units, take a moment and introspect yourself, “is there something you are putting out there, leading to the outcast”? This may also be due to, being new to an institution or a culture that you’ve never been a part of. If such is the case, blend yourself with the environment, study about the ambiance of the place and most importantly accept the novelty of the situation._laughs_.png
  • Don’t get negative about yourself. Pessimism will further, deteriorate your scope to improvise and might ruin the present connections, as well. If you don’t trust or have confidence in yourself, no other thing or person can give you joy.

    At the same time, being defensive about your abilities, communication skills, and attitude, can impair the upcoming or present connections as well. It is wise to be grounded and not feel high about oneself. Those ignoring you might have undergone similar struggles.

Am I being a pessimist or overconfident?
  • If you really want to gel in with the prior group or make lasting connections with the new ones, some techniques of social influence can be adopted, such as complying with the members of the group or reciprocating the favors, etc. KNOW MORE HERE
  • Overcoming might not be easy for everyone hence, divulging into fear of not being good enough is likely to seep in. Do not fall in this trap. Being ignored or not fitting in, can make you feel weak, pressured and beg them to get you back. However, never ever let your self-respect run down. Your behavior today will determine your attitude in the long run. Hence, choose your words and steps wisely.


  • That’s the best advice to be handed out. In this context, here’s what you can listen to  –


                         RACHEL PLATTEN- FIGHT


  • ….and as Psychologist Oliver James stresses,  ….be your own scriptwriter…”

  • James Allen, the writer of “As a Man Thinketh” can further provide useful insights and a holistic approach to handle situations and can be easily available at AMAZON, FLIPKART or any of your local bookstore. Further on, Dale Carnegie’s bestseller “How to Win Friends and Influence People” can aid, as well.



and Stay tuned for our upcoming posts, experiences and features because we absolutely cherish and love you !



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