The first step to seeing a professional…

Don’t get weak, see a Shrink today; one step can make all the difference.

Having trouble asking someone to see a psychologist? Don’t give up !! All you might have to do is change your strategy/ reasons, a little bit.

The earliest you convince them to do this, the earliest they will be able to resolve all the issues. So, a few notes to keep in handy, in case you are trying to put this into action…

  • Don’t let them feel you don’t understand what they are going through. This might make them feel out of the place even more and shatter their fortitude to see a professional. They should at least confide in you, whenever the issue arises.
  • Do not target the person in question all the time. They may feel that they are being ‘advised’ or are in the limelight and thus, the crazy one. Attributes like calmness, trust, and honesty will help the person in opening up and strengthen a fundamental person to person bond. Moments of persecution may lower one’s strength and that little bit of confidence, they have summoned, to seek mental health care. Hence, a little carefulness will keep the things in place, for the time being.
  • Clear their myths, in case, they have any doubts about who mental health professionals really are, how they function, of what help they can be, and the like.

Introduce them to the mental health community in a likely way. This might take off the burden of ‘not being able to discuss’ from their shoulders.


  • Enumerate the importance to see a psychologist; give them the statistics if needed. If YOU don’t stress this enough, they might not be able to comprehend the issue as significant.
  • If they have already started seeing one, do not let them discontinue the sessions abruptly. If the foremost session can do some good then, why not continue it, until the counselor thinks is the right time to wrap up. And, as has been rightly said by Carl Jung, “What you resist, persists”.
  • Even though you can do your best to persuade them, it is still their life. You cannot drag them to a shrink, just because you feel something is not right with them. They need to absorb the fact that their issues can be a grave problem in the long run and hence, need to be dealt with instantly.

Personal responsibility will be their greatest asset when you are not around, as they will cater to their mental health without being dependent on anyone else. The challenge is to let the person accept that “yes, the circumstances are or can worsen, and, the remedy has to be solicited at the very moment”.

  • As tempting as it may sound to procrastinate the problem, it should not hinder your aim to strive for wellness.

PATIENCE is the key, here. In case, you are not being able to reach out to a counselor, community centers can be contacted. Sometimes, it is just the people around us who can bring a change (in some cases). But, ensure that you do reach out to a professional soon.

  • The most essential of all, you being the closest to the person concerned, do not LABEL or SELF DIAGNOSE them. This may just complicate the matters, even before you reach out for a professional aid.


This may sound like some life coach rambling on with their knowledge however, the truth cannot be ignored. In case you still haven’t talked or thought about talking to your family/spouse/friend about visiting a professional, PLEASE spill the beans, as early as possible.


One day or day one

You decide


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