A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.


We all have friends in our life, some we call “good friends” and some others, we label “bff”. It’s well-established that friends form an integral part of our lives and give meaning to it. We learn a lot from our friends and turn to them first when faced with challenges. However, not all friendships sail smoothly through the rough patch and it is impossible to imagine a relationship without ups and downs.

So, instead of being disheartened about why our friendships didn’t work, let us take a glance at some bits that might help us in building stronger peer relationships.


It’s your duty too, to understand the other person’s emotion from their point of view… just like you would expect your friend to understand you.

Express Emotion

Whenever a relationship is built, it is very important to share all the emotions- be it positive or negative. Unless you are clear about all your feelings, your friend may not be able to understand you fully. Also, while expressing, you should keep in mind the possible consequences.


Any relationship is mutual. When we expect our friends to love and care and respect us, we should also think about how much we are giving it back.


Having open and clear communication helps in strengthening the bond and also clarifies misunderstandings when they arise; rather than avoiding the issue.


No human being is perfect. There are certain behaviours that cannot be changed, for example, shyness. We cannot force our friend to change according to our wishes and it is wise as a friend to accept such behaviours and focus on how we can develop a great bond despite these behaviours.


The truth will always rise and shine no matter how hard we try to hide it. Thus, to have friendships or, as a matter of fact, any relationship, we need to be honest and genuine.

We hope these techniques give you an idea about how you can handle your relationships without putting much effort and without cribbing about what went wrong with you.

We love to hear from you!!!! Come up with more ideas about how to develop a great bond and share your ideas in the comment section. You never know your idea might save someone’s friendship!


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